Woodland Management Works on Nettlebed Common


You may notice forestry operations starting at the beginning of January on Nettlebed Common - particularly on Nettlebed Common Wood.

The Nettlebed Estate’s Forestry Consultant have planned the works to remove weaker trees and allow some of the magnificent oaks and beeches to spread their canopy and continue to grow unhindered.

The Conservators and our Ecological lead, Rod D’Ayala have provided input into the scope and scale of the works in order to help improve biodiversity and to protect some of the individual trees that provide habitats for rare species.

In addition, as part of the works, the contractors will be using low impact methods to reduce the footprint of heavy machinery and, at our request, have agreed to undertake some coppicing works to bring some of the ancient coppiced areas back into rotation - opening up ecological niches for some of the histroic biodiverity that would have been found in these type of woodlands.