The Act requires a group of Conservators comprising representatives of the relevant Parish Councils and Volunteers appointed by the owners of the Commons. Seven of the eight areas of Common are owned by the Estate, and the eighth Witheridge Hill is also privately owned in two separate parcels.

The Commons are managed by the Conservators, a body of nine volunteers who have responsibility under the 1906 Act of parliament for managing the commons on behalf of the Land Owners and residents.  Their work includes preventing boundary encroachment onto the commons (a very real and constant concern), organising and taking part in routine maintenance, clearance of pathways, tree surgery, grass cutting, litter collection and liaison on various projects. Every Conservator gives their time voluntarily in the interests of preserving this part of the Chilterns for us all to enjoy.

The Conservators and their responsibilities are:

Peter Allport  - Chairman

Tony Cotton - Kingwood Common

Tony Rancombe - Peppard Common

Michael Green - Witheridge Hill

Anne Marie Hall, Witheridge Hill

Lotte Earle A’Hern - Nettlebed Common

Patrick Heathcoat Amory - Nettlebed Common


Clerk - Liz Longley -