Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Common Land owned by Anyone?

Yes - Common Land always has an owner,  in this case all of the land that forms the Nettlebed and District Commons is privately owned.  The vast majority is owned by the Nettlebed Estate, although some areas (particularly Witheridge Hill Common) are owned by private individuals.  The general public has rights to access the land in accordance with the By Laws

Can I Build a New Driveway To My House Across Common Land?

New access ways to properties on the commons can only be created if an application including a plan has been approved by the owners and conservators. Permission if granted is dealt with by  the Grant of a Deed of Easement.

Can I Trim Some Trees On Common Land That Shade My Property?

The trees belong to the Owner and cannot be cut without permission.  The Bye-Laws do not permit the cutting, felling or lopping of trees on common land.

My House / A House I an Interested in Buying Borders Commons Land.  What Are The Implications?

Common Land is protected against future development by Act of Parliament and as a result provides some of the most picturesque and ecologically biodiverse land in the area.  The work of the Conservators and Volunteers will ensure that Common land remains a wonderful visit and a fantastic place to live.  Although Local Residents perhaps do not derive such obvious benefit as did those with Commons Rights in days gone by when grazing land was at a premium, they are still the main beneficiaries of the Commons, given their amenity value and consequent contribution to property values. They are dominated by some glorious woodland, and are of ecological importance within Oxfordshire. Peppard Common and especially Kingwood Common support rare acidic heathland habitats and Nettlebed has one of the most important wetland sites in the county.

Will the Conservators Contribute to repairing potholes on my driveway?

The Commons Conservators are volunteers who receive no payment for the work they do.  The commons do not generate any income, and any funds the Conservators receive are raised from donations from the Friends and contibutions from SODC, Parish Councils and local charities.  The Conservator’s funds are used to pay for mowing, trimming vegetation and undertaking works that would historically have been undertaken by the grazing of animals on the commons by commoners.  Any residual funds, in years where they are available, cover ecological improvement works undertaken by volunteers and our Ecological Consultant, Rod D'Ayala. Local residents tend to arrange for potholes to be repaired but any works must be carried out using material approved in writing by the Conservators.

Can I Carry Out Works on Common Land Outside My Property

The digging of ditches, the building of embankments, the erection of buildings  walls or fencing of any kind, the placement of any objects on the Commons without the approval of the Owners and Conservators is forbidden.

Driving and Parking on Common Land

It's an offence to drive a vehicle onto common land unless it’s to access a property where the owner has a lawful right of access or the driver intends to park it within 15 yards of a public road.


Am I Allowed To Dump Anything on Common Land

The short answer is no!!

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