Does Anybody Own Common Land?

Yes - all of the land that forms the Nettlebed and District Commons is privately owned.  The vast majority is owned by the Nettlebed Estate, although some areas (particularly Witheridge Hill Common) are owned by private individuals.  The general public has rights to access the land in accordance with the By Laws.

Can I Build a New Driveway To My House Across Common Land?


Can I Trim Some Trees On Common Land That Shade My Property?


My House / A House I an Interested in Buying Borders Commons Land.  What Are The Implications?


Will the Conservators Contribute to repairing potholes on my driveway?

The Commons Conservators are volunteers who receive no payment for the work they do.  The commons do not generate any income, and any funds the Conservators hold in trust are raised from donations from the Friends and other small sums contributed by parish councils, and local charities.  The very limited funds are used to pay for mowing verges, trimming vegetation and undertaking works that would historically have been undertaken by the grazing of animals on the commons by commoners.  Any residual funds, in years where they are available cover ecological improvement works undertaken by volunteers and our Ecological Consultant, Rod D'Ayala.