A selection of what you may not do on the Commons, without prior approval or lawful agreement, is given below:

1.      Advertise or place notices on trees or fences

2.      Injure, molest or kill any animal, bird or fish – or engage in hunting, without excuse

3.      Drive or draw any vehicle or cart (except a bicycle, wheelchair or pram – or similar non-powered machine)

4.      Erect or permit to remain any building, post, fence, shed, tent, caravan, pavilion or other structure, vehicle or trailer

5.      Light or cause a fire

6.      Carry a firearm on the Commons (except by right or privilege), unless it is so covered with a securely covered cover to prevent use

7.      Throw or discharge any missile to the danger or annoyance of any person on the Commons

8.      Break in any horse

9.      Turn out or permit any animal to graze

10.  Permit a dog in your charge to remain on the commons unless it is properly controlled.  Also dogs must not cause annoyance to any person or worry or disturb any animal, cause upset to any games, sports or events that have been arranged with permission of the Conservators

11.  Take off or land any glider or aircraft

12.  Fly model aircraft

13.  Cause nuisance by the playing of radios, tape recorders or similar

For the full extent of the byelaws, you should refer to the Act – the list above is intended only to give a flavour of its contents.


A complete copy of the Nettlebed and District Commons (Preservation) Act 1906 and associated By-Laws is available for download here